Through transformational education reflecting the Wesleyan theological heritage, European Nazarene College aims to enable disciples of Christ to participate in the mission of God and serve local communities of faith.

Transformational Education: Transformational education is focussed on the whole person (content, competency, character), in context, with the aim of bringing about a change in the learners (both teacher and student).

Wesleyan Theological Heritage: The emphasis of Wesleyan theology is holiness, the divine work of transformation in history through grace-enabled cooperation with humanity.

Enable: The education of the learner is never the final goal; it is a means that enables the learner to grow into a person who is of service to others.

Disciples of Christ: The education provided by EuNC seeks to build upon foundational discipleship; it intends to further equip those who have already grown (and are growing) as disciples of Christ, so that they may be prepared for more specific Christian service which requires further theological knowledge, awareness, and more specific skills.

Participate: As Christians we do not build our own world. We are drawn into a movement initiated by God; we cannot claim ownership at any level.

Mission of God: We serve God by participating in His redemptive activity in the world.

Serve: Leadership is servanthood. Leaders serve God, serve His Body, and serve others.

Local Communities of Faith: The church is, first of all, an embodiment of Christ in a certain context. Church happens at the local level, and the representative and leadership levels of the church are called to serve the church as the body of Christ in context.