Thank you for your interest in supporting the school with a financial donation to help in its mission to enable Christlike disciples for ministry!

You can provide a donation through a bank transfer to the following bank account:

VR Bank Main-Kinzig-Buedingen (Germany)
IBAN: DE13 5066 1639 0003 4573 03

Please indicate in any note or memo field what the donation is for and your contact information.

You can also pay via credit card using PayPal as the financial processor (you don’t need a PayPal account for this though you can pay via a PayPal  account if you have one). You will  provide some initial information, then when you click on the “Pay Now” button, it will send you to the PayPal site in order to process your payment/donation. For those paying in currencies other than the Euro, please see the note at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Enter a description for your donation as a reference:

Step 2: Please select your preferred language for the checkout pages:

Step 3: Enter the amount: € (format xxx.xx)
(please note the use of the period and no currency symbol)

Step 4:

For those paying from non-Euro currency accounts:

The payments will be received in Euro, so the exchange rate at the time of the transaction will be what appears on your statement. In addition, the processing agent will also charge an international transaction fee of 2.5%.