Unlike many schools, EuNC is not a tuition funded school. That means, we can't just raise our tuition as costs increase or new services are needed. We rely on funding from our global church through missions giving, our districts which we serve through their educational giving, some tuition from students, and through generous people like you that can help to bridge the gap between needs and funds. Due to decreases in giving to the general missions fund, the global portion of our funding is decreasing annually, making your gift that much more needed!

Why are we not tuition driven? Our students come from many different economies. They are often ministering already either as pastor or in district or local church capacities. They often are taking classes while balancing ministry, a secular job, family and then also their studies. Just finding the time for their education is already difficult, so adding additional work hours to pay for courses is generally not an option. EuNC wants to support the calling of all of our students, regardless of their economic reality. With this, then, we have a varied tuition structure based on the student's ability to pay in their country. This is where our scholarship fund comes into play. Beyond this, though, within each economy are some students that can't even pay at that level. That is where our newly developed needs-based scholarship will come into action - to help those students that may be out of work or are underemployed to still be able to get their training needed.