We would like to congratulate several of our Faculty members on their personal achievements.

Matteo Ricciardi, current Italy Learning Centre Coordinator and Administrator, completed his dissertations in music (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil) as well as in pedagogical science (Università di Bologna, Italy).




Danilo Consiglio received his Master of Theology degree in Dogmatics at North-west University in Potchefstroom,  South Africa.



Back in July 2019 at the Zagreb Science Institute „Ruđer Bošković“, Dalia Matijević successfully defended her doctoral thesis titled “Institutional Nature Protection Ethics in Croatia: National Park ‘KRKA’ Case Study” with the University of Osijek in Zagreb, Croatia. The PhD was granted in the area of Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation.



Published September 2020, EuNC In Touch