In 2017 EuNC underwent its second thorough review of its programmes the Certificate in Spiritual Formation (60 ECTS) and the Diploma in Christian Ministry (120 ECTS), which successfully resulted in their renewed accreditation. However, at the same time we were encouraged to look into the possibility of adding another layer to our programmes. So we started to think about the Advanced Diploma in Applied Theology (180 ECTS). This programme was designed to build on top of the previous two programmes and thus meeting the equivalent standards of a vocational Bachelor of Theology. This process culminated in December of 2018 with the submission of all the documentation for accreditation of this third programme.

In February of 2020, the school hosted a visitation team from the European Council for Theological Education (ECTE) to dialogue in detail about our submission and receive further recommendations for the future. But, at the same time, the highlight of this visit was a positive report towards the recommendation that EuNC receives re-accreditation for both its Certificate and Diploma programmes, as well as accreditation of the newly created Advanced Diploma programme for the period of 5 years.

This whole process is the result of many participants: Board of Trustees (who represent the church districts), Leadership Team, Curriculum Committee, Faculty and Students. All were involved in different ways and at different levels. EuNC wants to congratulate all of its stakeholders for all the effort that was put into developing the new programme and in keeping the standards of our school which led to this important external recognition.
We are all EuNC! EuNC depends on all of us doing our best to continue to develop and train leaders for the church in Europe in ways that inspire the confidence of those who will be the recipients of our efforts.

By Fernando Almeida
(Director of Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance)

Published July 2020, EuNC in Touch