The meeting of the EuNC Board of Trustees and our annual faculty assembly took place this year in the city of Pristina, Kosova. Several of us started out on Sunday morning worshipping at the Pristina Church of the Nazarene, where an EuNC student pastors, with the pastor of the Sureka church translating for him. It was a wonderful time of worship and sharing.
The Board of Trustees met on Monday, 3 February 2020 with the Executive Committee meeting the night before. Along with the normal business of the meetings, a change was accepted in the constitution of EuNC. Out of the Leadership Team’s meetings with the districts, we felt there was a need to have a greater representation of the districts on the board. This constitutional change will create a more representative body on the board for districts that have an active Learning Centre.. We are thankful for this change as well as the addition of a bylaws document to more adequately define our structure and processes at EuNC. Simultaneously with the board meeting, meetings were held during the day with the LC Coordinators and Administrators as well as the faculty and the Curriculum Committee to discuss various issues for improving our operations and curriculum.
On Monday evening, as we normally do, we had a joint worship service with the Board of Trustees and the faculty. It was a great time of worship with Rev. Dr. Deirdre Brower Latz bringing the message for us this year both for this service and our worship times in the Faculty Assembly focusing on what it means to live as a Christian witness in our time. On Tuesday and Wednesday the faculty met for a time of training, sharing, and worship. We organized the meetings differently this year with a longer devotional time which proved fitting with the transitions that are in progress. The training that we receive during these times is important, but it is also equally important that as a faculty we have time to reconnect with each other – allowing us to more effectively work together as virtual teams throughout the rest of the year.

By Alan Schrock (Director IT and Library Services)

Published March 2020, EuNC in Touch