We have had several changes in Learning Centre leadership over the last months:

Rev. Cezanrina Glendenning – Coordinator/Administrator for Croatia, Mr. Alan Schrock – Interim Coordinator for Albania/Kosova, Rev. Enikő Vecseyné Fulmer – Administrator in Hungary, Dr. Matteo Ricciardi – Coordinator in Italy.
We are also happy to announce new chairpersons in our Curriculum Committee: Dr. Olga Druzanina for Cluster B (Theology, Tradition, and Identity) and Dr. Matteo Ricciardi for cluster D (Minsterial Skills).
We also welcome three individuals taking on additional roles in the general administration: Dr. Wolfgang Köhler as an IT Assistant, Mr. Dennis Lieske as Coordinator for Constituent Relations and Rev. Fernando Almeida leading our Faculty Development.

Published September 2020, EuNC In Touch