Rector Dr. Klaus Arnold invited the Hungary Learning Centre to participate in formulating EuNC’s new strategic plan, “Growing Together” (for the years 2020-2030). As EuNC is working on that it is important to receive input from the different Learning Centres. On Friday, 11 October 2019 the Nazarene District Superintendent and the educational leaders of the Wesleyan Alliance member organisations met with the Rector in Budapest to discuss their future and how EuNC (through the Learning Centre and the general administration) can work with them in fulfilling the mission of God. The participants confirmed their collaboration in the area of education, expressing their contentment with the EuNC curriculum and appreciated that they could integrate contextual courses for the situation in Hungary. The meeting was only the beginning of further discussions in the future as we all seek God’s guidance in how we can best proclaim the kingdom of God in Hungary.

Published November 2019, EuNC in Touch