There are several ways you can help with your donations that are more specific, but feel free to also give to our general fund which then allows us to use the money where it is most needed at the time. Below are some areas that are more specific, if that is what you prefer. Feel free to contact us if you would like to support specific students, Learning Centres, or hear of more immediate needs. You can do that at

  • Give to our general scholarship fund which is used to reduce tuition based on the economic situation of our students.
  • Give to our needs-based scholarship fund which is geared towards specific students with unique needs. For instance, though a student may be living in an economy that has higher pay, they may be an immigrant or have a lower paying job that doesn't allow them to take courses at the normal Learning Centre rate.
  • Support a particular student's studies.
  • Support a learning centre - there are many costs to running a learning centre so this could help provide additional funding when there is a need.
  • Pay off a bill for a graduating student. Sometimes students get behind on their bills for various reasons but in order to graduate they need to have their bills cleared. This could help finish strong for a student that has a need.