Welcome to our General Assembly page! We hope it helps you, if you already have a connection with EuNC, to find out where we are and how we can connect together while you are at the assembly. If you are just now finding out about EuNC, we hope you can find the information you are looking for and also we would love to connect with you as well! We hope you have a great time at General Assembly and look forward to meeting you!

Welcome from our Rector
Mária Gusztinné Tulipán

Student Videos

We asked some of our students to answer one or more of the following questions:

  • Tell how your time at EuNC has transformed your personal life.
  • Give examples of how your time at EuNC has impacted your ministry.
  • Tell how your time at EuNC has helped you grow in your Christian faith.
  • Give an example of something you learned or a special time in class that was exceptionally meaningful to you.
  • What does EuNC mean for your ministry, personal life, or Christian walk?

See how they responded in their native language or the language of their Learning Centre.

Julinda Ndreka (Albanian)
Albania/Kosova Learning Centre

Roza Vardanyan (Armenian)
Armenia Learning Centre

Hiba al Fakhouri (Arabic)
Arabic Learning Centre

Fouad el Salibi (English)
EuNC Digital Campus

Tabea Cole (German)
Germany Learning Centre

Hans Bleeker (Dutch)
the Netherlands Learning Centre

Robert Galic (Croatian)
Croatia Learning Centre

Samuel Salvanés López (Spanish)
Spain Learning Centre

Facts about EuNC