Thank you for your interest in supporting the school with a financial donation to help in its mission to "Enable Christlike Disciples for Ministry!

You will see some icons at the top of this page. The student testimonials provides a link to some videos of our students to give you a feel for our students and their ministry. You can also get some EuNC Logo materials through that link - t-shirts and mugs. There is also a quick link to our "About EuNC" page which can give you many more details about EuNC if you want to learn more about us. Finally, there is also a page to help if you want to find specific areas for your gift.

Unlike many schools, EuNC is not a tuition funded school. That means, we can't just raise our tuition as costs increase or new services are needed. We rely on funding from our global church...  Read More

Donating via Bank Transfer

You can provide a donation through a bank transfer to the following bank account:

VR Bank Main-Kinzig-Buedingen (Germany)
IBAN: DE13 5066 1639 0003 4573 03

Please indicate in any note or memo field what the donation is for and your contact information.

Donations for those from the United States of America

For individuals from the US that want to give and have a charitable donation receipt, you can give directly to our account at the Nazarene foundation here.

Or for a more mobile friendly version use this link. Note: If you want to give to a specific Learning Centre or fund, please use the comment section.

You can also give to the Nazarene General Scholorship Fund and support EuNC by giving for scholarships:

Paying with Credit Card via PayPal

You can also donate via credit card using PayPal as the financial processor (you don’t need a PayPal account for this though you can pay via a PayPal account if you have one). You will provide some initial information, then when you click on the “Pay Now” button, it will send you to the PayPal site in order to process your payment/donation. For those paying in currencies other than the Euro, please see the note at the bottom of the page.

Make a donation in Euros

Make a donation in US Dollars

The payments will be received in Euro, so if paying in US dollars, the exchange rate at the time of the transaction will be what appears on your statement. In addition, the processing agent will also charge an international transaction fee of 2.5%.