In Touch – Education Sunday Special

dlieske2024, Special Edition

Jump to: Education Sunday ⋅ Prayer Support ⋅ Giving Support ⋅ EuNC is YOUR collegeA Minute From the Rector Education Sunday is an Initiative of the Church of the Nazarene Eurasia in cooperation with educational institutions on the region. … Read More

In Touch – May 2024


Jump to: Faculty Achievements ⋅ Memorandum of Understanding ⋅ EQAR Accreditation ⋅ Global Theology Conference ⋅ Portugal Theological Conversations Day ⋅ Academics in the Alpes ⋅ Director of Education Initiatives ⋅ Cluster Chair C ⋅ … Read More

In Touch – Faculty Assembly Special 2024

dlieske2024, Special Edition

Jump to: FA 24 Impressions ⋅ Opening Service ⋅ New BoT Officers ⋅ Faculty Training ⋅ LC Admin Meeting ⋅ FA ReflectionsA Minute From the Rector EuNC’s 2024 Faculty Assembly: A Symphony of Unity and … Read More