In Touch – Faculty Assembly Special 2024

dlieske2024, Special Edition

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A Minute From the Rector

EuNC's 2024 Faculty Assembly: A Symphony of Unity and Inspiration

Faculty development, General Administration and Board of Trustees meetings, community, worship, celebration and fellowship - the ingredients for an exceptional experience!

Step into the heart of European Nazarene College's vibrant global community through our newsletter, reflecting on the celebration of unity, diversity, and transformative education at the 2024 Faculty Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal. This In Touch captures the essence of this gathering, EuNC's commitment to being ONE school in providing theological education across borders.

Read the inspiring words of the newly elected officers of the board, Mr. Harry de Bruijn (Netherlands) and Rev. Andrew Salameh (Lebanon), sharing their passion for EuNC's mission, highlighting the vital role education plays in spiritual growth. The assembly's focus on adapting educational strategies for adult learners, particularly in online contexts, by Dr. Mark Maddix with insights from Dr. Fernando Almeida (Director of Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance). Perspectives from Rev. Raquel Pereira (Registrar and LC Administration Supervisor), and Dr. Olga Druzhinina (Cluster Chair for Theology, Tradition, and Identity) offer diverse angles on EuNC's operations, showcasing the positive impact of the assembly on various roles within the institution. Personal reflections from participants, including Sylvia Oosterwijk (Learning Centre Coordinator, Netherlands) and Juan Carlos Fernández (faculty member, Spain), provide a glimpse into the joy, unity, and learning experienced during the assembly. Experience the heartwarming joy by watching the graduation celebration video!

I would like to invite our readers to delve into the full articles, offering a rich narrative of our college community dedicated to transformative education reflecting the Wesleyan-Holiness theological heritage in Eurasia.

Thanks to the EuNC Portugal Learning Centre for the wonderful welcome and hosting of the event! And to our Faculty, we are already looking forward to our annual faculty development, learning and fellowship in 2025!

On behalf of the entire EuNC Team 

Rev. Mária Gusztinné Tulipán (Rector)
Faculty Assembly 2024 Participants