In Touch – Supporter Special 2023

dlieske2023, Special Edition

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Dear Friends of EuNC, 

If you are reading this newsletter you are a faithful supporter of EuNC. We want to dedicate this edition to you! We are beyond grateful for your support and interest. EuNC wouldn't be as effective without you, your prayers, your words of encouragement, your relationships, financial contributions, and your investment in our students, faculty and Learning Centres. Thank you!

We believe that you are committed to our mission, Enabling Christlike Disciples for Ministry, and would like to share further support opportunities with you. If you want to pray, donate or simply participate in our college life, this newsletter issue will give you a pool of resources to help you invest in the different areas of EuNC.

You are greatly appreciated!

On behalf of the entire EuNC Team 

Dennis Lieske (Editor)