In Touch – July 2020

Silas BuchwaldYear 2020

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Dear Friends of EuNC,
We greet you with a word from King David: “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you” (Psalm 63:3, NIV). Those mighty words are both encouraging and challenging. As Wesleyans, and therefore also at EuNC, we are familiar with striving for God’s pure and holy love. This love leads us to devote everything, even our own lives, because His love is better than life. Because He has loved us first we can love others and glorify His name. His love remains true even in chaotic and turbulent times. It stays true in times when we celebrate achievements and success. And it is still true when we mourn the loss of people that have influenced our lives at EuNC. Because God’s love keeps reaching out to us, we invite you to stay In Touch with Him and with each other.

By Dennis Lieske (Editor)

Faculty Spotlight

As EuNC we want to acknowledge and celebrate the personal achievements and success of our Faculty. We are glad to announce that Germany Learning Centre Coordinator Dr. Wolfgang Köhler‘s disseration was released as a book. The work is titled „Die Verstockheit Israels im Jesaja-buch“ and investigates the impenitance of Israel as it appears in the book of Isaiah. We congratulate Wolfgang for his work and accomplishment. It can be purchased from and other common online bookstores.

CIS Learning Centres Faculty Retreat

The faculty that teach for the Learning Centres (LCs) in the CIS had their annual retreat on June 8, 9 and 16. Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic prevented them from travelling to Belarus where they were planning to have their 2020 faculty retreat, they still were able to meet online. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise since other guests from Europe, including EuNC rector Mária Gusztinné Tulipán, were able to join them bringing their greetings and participating in the training sessions. Stéphane Tibi’s (Eurasia Region Education coordinator) inspirational talks on the future of education and on how to incorporate prayer in the educational process were practical and engaging. Training sessions led by Andrey Khobnya on how to build and teach an impactful course for EuNC online allowed everyone to reflect on their skills and share their online teaching experience with others. Please pray that God will continue to guide the CIS Education Team in their mission of training Christlike disciples for ministry.

Article by the CIS LCs Coordinator

In Rememberance Of

Dr. Walter Crow

Dr. Walter Crow – † 3 April 2020 – Love Above And Through It All
There are some people that will always be remembered – no matter the length of time that has passed since you met them or were with them last. They left a piece of their lives with you. This is the case with Dr. Walter Crow and his wife Linda. He became Rector of EuNC (ENBC back then) in 1982, although he was already involved with the school while he served the France District as a missionary. Dr. Crow will be remembered for his relational leadership style and having a pastoral approach to the school’s overall community, but in particular the students. Many of us still recall his emphasis on living out of God’s steadfast love, which is to be reflected in our relationships, no matter what the circumstances are. We continue to pray for his wife Linda and their family. We know that he has returned home and we will see and be with him again.
By Raquel Pereira (EuNC Registrar)

Dr. Jerald D. Johnson

Dr. Jerald D. Johnson – † 28 April 2020 – All For Ministry
Jerald D. Johnson was instrumental in founding European Nazarene College (“European Nazarene Bible College” back then). Not long after he and his wife Alice had started the work of the Church of the Nazarene in Germany, they began offering a Bible School in their church building in Frankfurt. Their goal was to support all those who were called to ministry and needed to fulfil ordination requirements. He and Alice were among the first teachers. Over the years more and more countries were opened for the Church of the Nazarene. Together with another existing Nazarene Bible School in Rome, Italy the idea was born to have one school for the entire Western European continent. The two schools merged to found European Nazarene Bible College in Büsingen in 1965 and students were recruited from different European and non-European countries. Even after his retirment he continued to show regular interest in how the school was developing and how it was helping districts to prepare men and women for ministry. Dr. Johnson will be remembered by the EuNC family as one of the first teachers, boardmembers and faithful friends of our school. We are grateful for and indebted to those who went before us and lived lives as faithful servants of God. Our prayers are for the family during this time of loss.
By Dr. Klaus Arnold (EuNC Rector 2005-2020)

ADAT Accreditation

In 2017 EuNC underwent its second thorough review of its programmes the Certificate in Spiritual Formation (60 ECTS) and the Diploma in Christian Ministry (120 ECTS), which successfully resulted in their renewed accreditation. However, at the same time we were encouraged to look into the possibility of adding another layer to our programmes. So we started to think about the Advanced Diploma in Applied Theology (180 ECTS). This programme was designed to build on top of the previous two programmes and thus meeting the equivalent standards of a vocational Bachelor of Theology. This process culminated in December of 2018 with the submission of all the documentation for accreditation of this third programme.

In February of 2020, the school hosted a visitation team from the European Council for Theological Education (ECTE) to dialogue in detail about our submission and receive further recommendations for the future. But, at the same time, the highlight of this visit was a positive report towards the recommendation that EuNC receives reaccreditation for both its Certificate and Diploma programmes, as well as accreditation of the newly created Advanced Diploma programme for the period of 5 years.

This whole process is the result of many participants: Board of Trustees (who represent the church districts), Leadership Team, Curriculum Committee, Faculty and Students. All were involved in different ways and at different levels. EuNC wants to congratulate all of its stakeholders for all the effort that was put into developing the new programme and in keeping the standards of our school which led to this important external recognition. We are all EuNC! EuNC depends on all of us doing our best to continue to develop and train leaders for the church in Europe in ways that inspire the confidence of those who will be the recipients of our efforts.

By Fernando Almeida (Director of Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance)

A Word from the Rector

Dear Local Church,

We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers. (1 Thess 1:2)

We would like to thank you for your faithfulness in sending Education Funds to European Nazarene College. We appreciate the districts’ help in collecting and faithfully transferring the local churches‘ contribution annually.

We have received the funds with gratitude. We could not do itwithout you, we count on your continued support! It is our mission, with God’s help, to develop great servants for the church, knowing the principle that “whoever sows generously will also reap generously”. May the contribution of each local church become an investment into both the present and future leaders and servants of the church!

Let us together bring education in multiple countries and in multiple languages to those that desire to live out their vocation and prepare for Christian service in churches and the world.

Thank you for your contribution through the District Education Funds!

Rector Mária Gusztinné Tulipán